How I Work

Here are the kinds of results you can expect, the guiding beliefs and practices underlying everything we do, and what sets us apart.

Our Guiding Beliefs and Practices

The wisdom we are seeking is in the room
Before we can do anything well we need to be able to have good conversations. At the core of any good conversation is listening, deep listening – to our hearts, to our own inner wisdom, to each other. We create environments for the innate “expertise” of the people in the room to be heard and the collective intelligence to emerge.

Curiosity and imagination ignite creative possibilities
Rather than the band-aid approach to problem solving, we look at what is possible. We take a holistic view through the lenses of curiosity and imagination. “How can we do this differently?” replaces “Who do we blame?” “What’s really possible here?” replaces “What’s the fastest way out of this mess?”

Seeing into the heart of the matter
Fritjof Capra said: “You cannot understand a system through analysis. You can only understand it through mapping.” By literally drawing out the wisdom in the room you see the connections, patterns and relationships in the system. We then look at what we want to change, where to start, and who else needs to be on the journey.



Often I have the vision of Mary as a master juggler – catching all the balls … and knowing intuitively how long to let one thought suspend in the air or when to merge two or three – all the while being able to find the underlying rhythm so that what emerges is a coherent pattern of collective wisdom and direction.
Mary Brady, Founder and Director, Circle of Stones

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