What People Say

We can go on for pages (which we've already done) about what we think and do but when it comes right down to it, you really want to know what others say about our work. Read on for the growing list.

"Mary Corrigan worked as a true thinking partner with the leadership team to help launch our year-long strategic planning process. She crafted a retreat that listened to multiple perspectives, laid a solid foundation of common understandings, and launched us into an adventurous look at the future. From start to finish the group process, the individual reflections, and the graphic recording combined to build a common understanding of both the challenges we face as an institution, and the possibilities that would fire our passions. Everyone left energized, optimistic, and prepared for a year of challenging and rewarding planning for the future."

Terry Edeli, Head of School, the San Francisco School

"Mary's graphic facilitation did a marvelous job capturing our experiences and learnings as a group! We use those graphics to remind people about the experience and to reinforce those changes in thinking. For those of you who think in pictures and models, the old adage, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' was never more true than with Mary's work!"

Darlene Squires, OE Consultant, Organizational Performance, Kaiser-Permanente, So.CA.

"We believe that stories are the most powerful and effective ways that people communicate. Stories with pictures are even more powerful. It is amazing how Mary Corrigan can capture the meanings of our stories in her graphic depictions. They add a richness to our work that we no longer would consider doing without."

Bob Hill, Executive Director, The Ball Foundation

"Mary has a gift for being able to really hear what people are saying and drawing it out when we're not saying it. She has a positive, practical way of reflecting patterns she observes....which is frequently an inspiring re-frame from how I originally looked at it."

JoAnn Siebe, Walnut Creek, CA

"Mary has been exceeding helpful with clarifying and redirecting my work/life goals. Her process includes useful assessments of personal history and values, work experience, interests and goals. I appreciated her keen listening skills, relevant observations and exceptionally helpful exercises that built on the work we did in regular sessions. If you're wondering how to find work that is more closely aligned with where you sense you should be, I strongly recommend hiring Mary to help you find your path. "

Kevin O’Connor, Principal, elevation online, San Francisco

"Mary Corrigan has been instrumental in helping me uncover my dreams and successfully go after them. Through conversation, workshops, circle, and art Mary has inspired me to go after the dreams I uncovered; first by chipping away at the belief that I couldn't have them and then by inspiring me through the way she lives her own life."

Andra Mitchell, Oakland, CA

"I took Mary's Life By Design workshop in 1999. I still do the practices daily and my goals continue to come true. In 2000 I quit a toxic job situation, in 2003 significantly altered my approach to my health and in 2004 I moved to the home of my dreams close to family and friends. Mary's workshop was and continues to be a catalyst for positive change in my life."

Jennifer Ware, Oakland, CA

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