What We Do

"Do … or do not.  There is no try."  Yoda

Our palette of services is based on real challenges in the work place, customized to your specific needs with conversations about tangible issues.  The hallmark of each offering is our engaging, energizing, collaborative and vibrant approach to creating results.

Inspired Facilitation

Our interactive approach appreciates the diversity of personality and learning styles and invites each person's unique contribution to the whole. Mary artfully holds the creative tension - allowing all voices to be heard - opening the door to possibility thinking before moving to creative solution. With a steady hand she guides you to your desired outcomes.


Innovative Meeting Design

Together, we design the best gathering you can have for your community, organization or business unit. We explore:

  Conversations that deepen understanding, illuminate and clarify action and accountability.
  Agendas that integrate themes, exercises and outcomes.
  Conferences that capitalize on keynotes by grounding the message in individual applications that are immediately relevant.


Graphic Recording

Susan Kelly. Used with permission.
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Anywhere you have people in rich conversation you'll want a record that captures the great thinking in the room. These "maps of the territory" allow participants to see how their thoughts connect to others, recognize patterns and understand relationships in a system. By drawing out the wisdom of the group and visibly creating shared meaning together, trust emerges in the team and accountability is clear. With a clear roadmap to see where you're going, success is visible from where you stand.


Thinking Partner

Combining exquisite listening skills with potent questions for deeper exploration Mary guides you to insightful new ways of thinking; to more clearly make connections and strategize. When you engage her at the start of a project, she will ask the questions that set the course for an inclusive process and successful venture. If you're already into a project and hitting some bumps in the road, her clarity can help you to course correct and make choices that align with your goals.

So that's what we offer. Join me at How We Work to see what it could like for you or go direct to mary@trackingthewisdom.com

Mary Corrigan
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