Who We Are

Mary Corrigan - Founder of Tracking the Wisdom - is an engaging facilitator, meeting designer, and thinking partner. She is trained in mediation and conflict resolution and has international experience in:

         group facilitation
         graphic recording
         leadership development
         organizational change
         strategic and scenario planning
         vision and values

Incurably curious with a BS in Finance, a self-endowed advance degree in life-long learning and 30 years weaving a rich tapestry of experience, her relational career path includes:

         group dynamics
         whole systems thinking
         organizational development
         creativity and art
         project management
         board membership
         professional and personal development
         business administration

Mary brings a practical, humorous, and colorful perspective to every enterprise and project. On her own learning journey, Mary is currently exploring the fields of innovation, creativity and deep listening. Her teenage daughter provides ample opportunity to practice and refine these skills.

We have an experienced network of the best and the brightest collaborators who can be called on when needed to enrich any gathering.

Let’s begin the conversation.

Mary Corrigan
650-355-8981  telephone
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